Focus on Felt


I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have regarding the commisioning
of a felt picture. I can create pictures of all shapes and sizes,
framed or unframed panels. A few examples with sizes are shown below.
Prices Range Typically from £500 – £4500.
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Unframed size 120x130cm
"Having admired Andrea's work for a long time I was thrilled to have my very own commissioned piece which hangs proudly in our entrance hall. It never fails to initiate comments amongst friends and visitors alike. The piece takes inspiration from the surroundings of where we live which Andrea connected with immediately following her visit. We couldn't be more thrilled with the result"
Joanne. Skipton.



Unframed size 80x90cm
"I found commissioning a feltwork very easy. I initially saw a print of 'The Dales’ but I really wanted 'the real thing'. When my husband and I visited your studio and saw the actual felt pictures he understood why I wanted an original. We met in the Dales nearly 40 years ago and he said he'd like to have Pen-y-Ghent in the background.... so a couple of communications about size, frame and cost was all that was required. We couldn't have been more pleased with the finished picture. It has delighted me every time I sit in the lounge to chill! Many thanks Andrea for the whole experience."
Jane and Steve. York.



Unframed size 100x80cm
"I really enjoyed talking about my ideas to Andrea in her beautiful studio. She made a few sketches a nd then we went through her wool samples so that I could pick out the colours I preferred. I really like the way she listens carefully but also puts her own stamp on the piece so that the result has an element of surprise. I absolutely love Cow Parsley and it's now the centrepiece of my room."
Simone. London.



Unframed size 65x40cm
"When I moved from Wensleydale, I asked Andrea if she could create a piece of work that would remind me of the landscapes, colours and moods of the dales. She shared previous work and we discussed my ideas about shapes, colours and emphasis. I was so delighted with how she captured an impression of my memories of Wensleydale that there was no question of it being the picture for me."
Helen. Lancaster.



Unframed size 60x35cm
"My first commission was a difficult and emotional process which Andrea helped me through. I now have an amazing picture of my beloved Shropshire countryside which I never tire of looking at. Difficult to put into words the emotion I feel when I look at my picture, thank you again. "
Carole. Shropshire.


TRYFAN, Ogwen Valley.

Unframed size 40x40cm
"We commissioned the work through an episode of the BBC television show ‘Home Is Where The Art Is’. Andrea was terrific to work with and incredibly accommodating. She was able to produce an amazing piece of work that not only looks fabulous, but also has a real connection to where we live."
Gavin and Simone. Snowdonia.



"We commissioned Andrea with an open brief to design a series of large felt paintings, to display in a smart modern brasserie. But at the time of the commission, all we could show her was a redundant rural farmstead. Andrea was very skilled in envisaging the semi-derelict buildings once fully restored, and created a beautiful body of work that worked brilliantly within the finished space. It was a great experience, all round, and one of the most remarked-on parts of the whole development once open for visitors."
Heather Hancock. North Yorkshire



“I come upon the sheep in the fold of the fell, the wind gusting around and sliced through with icy rain. A whiff of damp peat rises from the land which squelches beneath my feet.
Inquisitive, the sheep come closer to me; their nostrils flair as they look for fodder and the scent of wet wool pervades in the air"

This triptych although not a commission it was the catalyst for several large scale works I have undertaken over the subsequent years. Created originally as the centre piece for my first solo exhibition in 2001, its impact was such that it then toured to numerous venues around the country before finally finding its home in Goslar, Germany. It’s keeper and protector
Prof. Dr. mult. Ewald Schnug shares his thoughts about the piece.
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The gathering of Crysomallos...



Unframed size 100x85cm
"Andrea has captured the feel of the countryside with the sweeping sky and the two magnificent and perfectly interpreted heifers in the foreground amongst the ground-cover and the beautiful hills in the background. There is not a day goes by that we don't look at it with love and wonder at how she has captured the beauty of the scenery with the use of colour, wind, and the wonder of the natural world, all with wool. One day I was sitting enjoying this work of art when I noticed something that I had never noticed previously!! -- there were two more heifers in the distance tucked into the background!! I was so very excited to discover them and could not believe that I had not seen them prior to that moment!!..... Andrea's work is forever new!”
Kate & Eric, Toronto.